The founder of parkour,David Belle, shows how it´s done.
This is not crazy jumping. it has human values and morals. It´s Called PARKOUR, There is also free running and other types of movement, but names don´t matter, the movements David Belle (and others) started to do, evolved to a worldwide community and it requires hard training and years of dedication. most of the things you see in this video look easy. But they are not.
for example, the first jump you see in this video is around 5 meters high. (16.4 feet). that´s a lot for most humans. I´ve been there personally, And I can still remember myself hanging on that same wall looking down... it´s high. most of those jumps are gigantic. So please be careful.

Enjoy the fastest way to work, and back home. :)

amazing people freerunning parkour

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