Black Friday in Romania
In December 'Blec Fraidei' arrived in Romania
black Friday fail romania
Suicidal Fairy

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A woman is chased by hundreds of rabbits in Japan, on the Rabbit Island (Okunoshima).
japan rabbit-island
Assassin's Kittens
assassin-creed kittens
Best of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges Vines Fail Compilation. Enjoy!
fail ice bucket challenge
Cat after a life of hard work
After a life of hard work I finally have all the hotdogs. Yet I still feel empty inside.
cat cute cat funny cat
I was riding my trail bike up a hill when I came across this grumpy old ram with huge horns, It charged my bike then started attacking me, surprisingly powerful animal.
I Couldn\'t turn my bike around as I was on a steep hill & if I did he would have charged me side on which could have broken my ... 
funny animals motorcyclist Ram
North Korean special forces
North Korea revealed its new Special Forces.
funny army north korea special forces
Must make it until payday
Must make it until payday ...
funny animals payday

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