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Snooker Break Like a Boss |

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The former World Champion had asked when on only eight points in the final frame of his 3-0 win over Mark King if there was a extra prize for a maximum break.

Referee Jan Veerhas told him there was not one for a 147, just £4,000 for the biggest break of the tournament.

O'Sullivan duly got to 140 with only the final black left on the table and then shook hands with King and Verhaas, saying he was not going to finish off the break as there was no special prize.

Verhaas persuaded O'Sullivan to pot the final black for his fans in the Glasgow crowd, which he duly did with a flourish.

The break was the tenth maximum of his career, and he now holds the professional record.

O'Sullivan said afterwards not getting a bonus for scoring a maximum 147 was "a bit disappointing. They are magical moments and they deserve magical bonuses."

So what happened?

"The ref... played a guilt trip on me, saying do it for your fans."

O'Sullivan, nicknamed The Rocket, plays Whirlwind Jimmy White in the fourth round.

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